Tuesday, 31 March 2020

What financial domination REALLY is

Financial domination is a sexual fetish, part of the same dominant-submissive dynamic we all love so much. The submissive finds pleasure, relief and even happiness in offering money to his lady Mistress.
The findom fetish is becoming more and more popular especially the past 2 years. The reason for that is quite simple, as the number of new women interested in practicing domination increases.

That would be wonderful news, if only the women in question were true to the cause and honest lovers of the BDSM. As many of you might have already figured out, most women practicing domination nowadays only do it because they heard of the existence of financial domination and they use it as an easy source of income.
Is that ok? Well...no! Of course everybody is chose to live their lives as they please, bit I am mot commenting from the standpoint of a professional Domina, a true believer in the essence of d/s. Just wanting to obtain money for free is not a fetish. Just asking men for money is not a fetish! Hell I bet your wife asks for money too and loves to go shopping, doesn't she? Does that make your wife a Dominatrix? No.
What makes a Domme is the genuine love for domination, for bringing a man to his knees and into submission, for control. The real dominant draws her happiness and excitement from the power of control, from watching her slave make efforts for her, from knowing she is truly respected and obeyed.
A real Findomme draws her excitement not so much from the amounts of money, but from the thrill of observing the man give into her and wanting to offer his hard worked money as a sign of worship or even humiliation. Whether it is 10$ or 1000$, it shouldn't matter; not from the perspective of obtaining the genuine thrill, the Domme-gasm as we call it.
At the foundation of the findom fetish is not how much money you get, but how much devotion you get, how much genuine sacrifice your slave is making purely because his Mistress' needs comes first.
A simple example: let's say a poor slave offers 100$. And a rich slave also offers 100$. For the poor slave the amount was a real effort, he has to economize, he has to cut off from his other pleasures/own needs in order to offer that 100. For the rich slave that money is nothing; he doesn't even "feel" it in his pockets. Now, in this situation a REAL Domme will be much more satisfied with the 100 she got from the poor slave because he is the one who actually made a sacrifice for Her. A fake Domme will be equally happy with both guys and not even NOTICE the difference in the context. For her both 100s are equal.

I am not saying pay less, this is NOT a free pass for you loser bitches to ease up on the drains! Your duty as a servant is to always  do everything possible to offer more and more to your Owner(
whether it's money, gifts, your tears, your holes...whatever She wants).
What I was trying to point out is the difference between gold diggers and a true Domme. The difference between superficiality and pure love of domination. The difference between begging and deserving!!

Another aspect of findom is the Mistress' love of controlling the finances of her submissive. Not only receiving money & gifts, but also getting a say in how/when the slave spends his salary. Micro management.

I have been a Findomme for many years now. Have played with many slaves; good slaves, less good slaves, etc. But I am most satisfied with my servant Nina( who I discovered to be not only a sissy but a genuine trans and then the doctors confirmed). He enjoys several fetishes, but the past years he has become more and more interested in findom. At this moment he is a true, complete, devoted financial slave on top of also being Owned. And this was gradual, this only became 100% real and satisfying the moment he truly let go and accepted himself for who he is. He wakes up thinking of how better to serve me and he goes to bed thinking of what more he can do for me.
It is natural for every submissive or slave to initially struggle with his fetishes and identity. That is because we carry the burden of the society stigma, of what they tell you is "good", of how everyone wants to control your life(not in the fun way) and tell you what you should like, how you should behave, etc. You know that's bullshit.

Going back to my slave, who has been for a few years my owned slave( almost 8), I am going to show you some of our conversations( I made a collage of print screens), as I believe the words of a fellow slave might be the best way to show you guys what truly means to he a happy slave and a happy Findomme.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

To be or not to be ...a slave

Many years ago BDSM practices used to be perceived as a mental illness or sexual aberration. After years of study psychologists concluded the old theories were mistaken and that there's no need to "cure" the SM urges, as they are a healthy mechanism of relieving one's self from  having to be in control, having to make decisions over decisions. It is a way of escape, a defense mechanism from daily stress, a way of acceptance of the "darker side" that lies inside each of us, a need for relinquishing control to something or someone greater than yourself. BDSM is a metaphor through which the psyche speaks of its suffering and passion.

Not only there is no need to 'cure' your fetish, but forcing yourself to suppress a certain fetish will result in frustration, even violent behavior or an unhealthy obsession. As long as your fetish doesn't destroy your life or your health, you can indulge in balancing your regular life with bdsm and just be part of a community of healthy, productive and balanced individuals (no, fetish people are not some freaks sitting in a dark corner worshiping satan or cutting their wrists! ).

Most fetishes are developed in childhood, coming from a psychological experience that imprinted on you. It is a mistake to assume that the experience had to be extreme or traumatizing - it's all about a context and the different ways our psyche  perceives a given situation.  There is usually one of two things going on :  a pleasant memory you're chasing to feel the energy of again, or an unpleasant memory you are trying to harness, conquer and own.
There is a definite connection between suffering and pleasure. When you surrender you might experience feeling of dread, relief and even ecstasy, all 3 combined.  The surrender is nothing less than a controlled dissolution of self-boundaries.  And eventually you discover your  sense of wholeness, your true self, in the service of your Dominant one. You feel delight in submission, in worship, in the  abandon and the deliverance from the confining bondage of "normality". Ritualized suffering is a way of giving meaning and value to your human condition, by being the perfect servant and bringer of joy for your Dominant . 

When you surrender in submission you feel a certain quality of liberation, freedom and expansion of the self letting down your defensive barriers. You experience complete vulnerability. And that is because deep down you long to give up, to "come clean".  It is the birth of your true self.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

STORY OF VINCE (how I trapped a stupid slut)

Vince came to me a long time ago, for some random sessions, mostly just typing. He's a cute looking and sweet boy, very amusing as well, he never fails to make me laugh ! But secretly, he is a faggot, his wife has no idea about how much this bitch is craving cocks.

 Well...I mindfucked little Vince (he's not that young nor little, I just call him little Vince due to how much he's crying and whining, almost makes me feel sorry for him, but... NO ahaha), I got him trapped under my spell and hooked.
Last month little Vince comes begging for more control, more interaction with Me and an ownership contract.
Now get this :  I give him one whole month to think about it and decide, then I give him 1 full week to read the contract I've made for him and tell me what will be his hard limits with the promise that I will never go beyond those limits (and if any f you ever interacted with me, you know very well that I never cross hard limits). We were discussing a blackmail fantasy contract.

So...blackmailed and owned..but,still, he had his way out because he could set as many hard limits as he wanted and as many areas of his life he wanted to restrict me from. I basically gave the idiot free hand! I offered the loser the dream-blackmail-contract for pussies, where the slave can save himself from any real harm.
Confident and with a deep love for me in his heart, looking at my sweet round face and into my warm hazel eyes, Vince says his final word : no limits Goddess, I trust you and you will decide whatever you want for me.
I ask again, Vince are you sure ? The idiot says YES and signs the contract, adding a copy of his ID and his phone number.
This right here is the fatal moment when Vince signed his sentence...Little did he know about the horrible terrorizing Goddess I would soon become.

Now i have him trapped. Trapped in a contract that allows me to do everything I want, a contract on undetermined period and, the big mistake, NO LIMITS.
He soon had to face his worst fears and learn that my sweet round face and hazel eyes are the devil's cover and now he has no escape from the deal we made, no safety net, no window of opportunity and no choice. I can totally ruin his life if I wanted to and the only option he has is to obey everything I command, no matter if he likes it or not.
 He doesn't sleep like he used to anymore, he startles every time his phone rings, knowing it could be a frightening message from Me asking him to do something very humiliating or informing him that I've just exposed him, or that he just received a message from a client on his new Gay Escort add ( which add? The one that I created under his name! ). The bitch will suck cocks for cheap money, unless he wants his wife and boss to receive a very very dirty recording...

So, darling Vince,this post is dedicated to you. As my mother used to say, in life you pay for 2 things: luxury and STUPIDITY!

Aaand some screenshots collage off a real cock sucking video, dream come true :))))))

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Self bondage , The Hogtie

I previously showed you the body harness and bondage for cock and balls. This time I will show you another basic, easy to make bondage technique. The hogtie will allow you to feel even better the power of being restrained by the rope nods. It will put your whole body under stress ; the more you will struggle, the tighter the nods will become.
In addition to the basic hogtie you cam also put a rope around your neck and tie it to the foot of the bed for example. This way when you will struggle and try to move around the room you will be yet again restrained by the 'leash' . Also, I like to add another round of rope just above the knees, holding them together.

    1. Prepare a wrist coil ; just enough wide to be able to squeeze your hands though.

 2. Tie your ankles together and prepare a cinch noose in the excess end. You can take up the slack by winding it between your ankles.

3. Lie down on your back with your wrists as close to your ankles as possible. Insert your wrists into the wrist coil and cinch up the noose (check again pic nr 1).

4. Roll  over on your belly and have fun struggling !
* Place your knife somewhere on the floor so you will be able to grab it and use it to release yourself. You can put it in the other corner of the room and 'crawl' to it.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

To be or not to be a slave part 2 - transformation of John

My slaves are often conflicted by the so common fight between what they love and desire and what the society taught you that you should be/think. We often have conversations about how they ended up being submissive or developing a certain fetish and how to keep a healthy balance between the social life/job and your fetishes.

I think the important things that the submissive must realize regarding this subject are already described in my previous post ( click here ), so I won't get into details, especially since this should be done by analyzing each personal context and particular situation in order to get the best answer.
 Instead, I want to show you a little piece of today's conversation with my owned slave John (now sissy Nina) who has come a long way  these past 2 years.

From being a dungeon slave to quitting the lifestyle and getting into a vanilla relationship - 'cause that was a normal person "should" do, right?-  that was nice in the beginning but as years went by it turned into a not-enough-satisfying-thing which led to mild depression, then to being my owned slave, trained to discover himself and his own limits, to being a true happy slave fully under control.

He is like you : a decent  man with a decent hard working job, with a decent vanilla woman next to him. Unhappy and tormented by his love for submission and for the bdsm lifestyle.

At some point in our d/s after we already reached  full trust, he was conflicted : he felt like slavery is the right path for him and can make him fully happy, but he didn't have the courage to let go of what he had at that point and he didn't know how to break up with his lover without hurting her, without creating a mess. Plus, letting go and change is a hard stept to make. They were having fights, she already didn't respect him so much, nor did he  her.
What to do ?
I told him a life-changing decision like that  should be well calculated and taken with no regrets. Because when you make a step, you need to be confident so you can be truly happy with your change. So I advised him to take some time and try to make his vanilla relationship work. At this point you're probably surprised how come I, his Owner, advised him something like that instead of  just forcing/ordering him to leave her and surrender complete control to me.     ??!

Well, in reality a true d/s relationship doesn't realy work like in your fantasies, where I magically snap my fingers and from 1 minute to another the slave is compelled and will sell his soul to the devil for me. Yes, we all have our fantasies and they are beautiful, but also utopic. So if I wanted it to be 100% real and not just a temporary roleplay, I had to do it right. I needed to prove to him that I was right in order to ensure his devotion.
A decent sane person wouldn't just leave from one day to another his life and relationship.  I knew that those fights he was having with his gf + his depressions + the way he was so happy when with Me...I knew this all  meant that he was born to be  a complete slave and that his vanilla relationship wasn't going to ever be satisfying enough.

So I gave him the time and let him try to fix his relationship, knowing that I will just prove my point. And I was right.ŕ Even if I stepped away (not completely but gave him more space), even if they both tried to make it work...once something is broken you cannot patch it and make it like new. You can stitch the crack but the crack is still there. And in his case the crack was there because he needed something else and he was struggling on a wrong path.
I let him hit his own head against the wall and realize the truth with his own eyes. Next month he is going to move out of the house and all the arrangements are done. No big mess, nobody is cutting their veins. He is finally feel free to do what he wants. And what he wants is to be completely under My control at My feet !
We are both looking forward to decorating his new room, putting him in permanent chastity, adding my name to all his accounts (financial or non financial) and handing over all the passwords, waxing his body, changing his wardrobe to what I want him to wear, branding his body with my mark, etc.
Now he is ready.

Learn to be patient. You, the slave, you the Domme. Nothing good happens over night, not even good hypnosis brainwashing, by the way :)))

The conclusion is :
1. If you have a fetish don;t fight to suppress it, because you can't delete a fetish from your brain, NOT doable ! You'll end up being unhappy and depressed.
2. Give time to your brain to understand some things and assimilate them in order to become the perfect slave and have the perfect d/s.
3. The true freedom of a slave is within his Master's chains.
4. After all this time he still mixes up you're with your.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cock and Balls Self-Bondage Tutorial

The most common practice which leads to the experience of surrender combined with the fear of being rendered incapable of escape, is BONDAGE. There are 2 types of bondage : being physically bound unable to move or deprived of certain senses , or mentally bound and compelled. 

For most, bondage represents the highest form of trust. You are in the hands of your Dominant, unable to escape or do anything about it. You are reduced to a puppet toy, receiving whatever treatment She will be in the mood to apply for you. 

For those of you who are either not yet ready to experience a RT session, either circumstantially incapable of having RT sessions, I will offer this simple beginner's tutorial on bondage that you can do at home by yourself. I will begin with genitalia bondage. It is the most sensitive and easily aroused part of the body, and, at the same time, the center of existence for men-creatures. You might think you're not controlled by your penis, but most of the time you are. Men are defined by their genitalia, by their virility, size is always a factor of pride or embarrassment  and balls have become the icon of manhood and masculine power. And that is why bondage applied on genitalia is so intense ; not only is it a sensitive part of your body, but it is a sensitive part on a mental level as well.

Ball Separator

Find the center bite
of the line.

create a Lark’s Head
using the center bite

Slip the Lark’s head around the cock & balls ...

... and tighten at the base of the cock & balls
in the center

Twist the ends

Lay the twist between balls and separate the 2 lines at the base of the shaft

Pass the lines around the cock
and cross them behind the shaft.

  Pull the lines under the balls and secure with a square knot.

Wrapping for the cock & balls

Find the center bite
of the line and place it along the scrotum allowing extra
length to the center bite

Begin tightly wrapping
around the scrotum

Continue wrapping the working end of the line tightly around
the scrotum until you have the
desired effect

Secure with a square knot
using the center bite and the working end.


Ice Dildo Tutorial

For all of you dirty little sluts out there who can't get enough of stretching their tight cunts, here is a special type of dildo that can get you out of your routine and allow you to experience intense sensations related to temperature play.
The most common seen form of temperature play is using ice cubes on your lover's lips or body. Another well known form of temperature play is pouring hot candle wax on skin. Whether you apply hot or cold on your skin, the reaction is similar - your  body's neuroreceptors  are sending intense signals to your brain ; these micro-shocks will give you intense sensations as well as increase your arousal.
This special dildo here give you the opportunity to combine the use of a regular dildo with temperature play - so much more fun !

1. Start with the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels. With a pair of scissors, cut the tube lengthwise all the way down its length. Roll the tube to the diameter you’d like the finished dildo to be, and wrap tape around it to hold it at that size. Take a condom and put it into the top of the cardboard tube, and then overlap the top half inch or so of the condom around the edge of the tube as shown in the pic below.
You can use a lubricated or unlubricated condom. If you use a lubricated condom, avoid spermicid lubricated ones, because the spermicidal lubricant can get funky when it freezes.
You can take extra steps to make a fancier dildo by doing things to the cardboard tube before you place the condom in it. For example, if you take thick cord and wrap it in a spiral on the inside of the tube, the finished ice dildo will have a spiral ridge in it. If you take a small sheet of bubble wrap cut to the same width as the inside circumference of the tube and slide it into the tube before you put the condom in it, the finished ice dildo will have a dimpled, textured surface.

2. Carefully fill the condom to the top with water. Stand the tube upright in the freezer, and wait a few hours.
In a few hours, the water will freeze. Remove the tube from the freezer. Carefully lift the top edge of the condom from around the tube and tie it in a knot to keep the water from leaking out as the ice melts. Then cut the tape holding the tube closed and remove the ice dildo.

3. When you’re finished, the ice dildo should look like the one shown in the third picture. Use the dildo without removing it from the condom; as the ice melts, it will create a layer of water inside the condom that creates a very interesting sensation.

*Safety notes :
remember to always run the ice dildo under cool water before you use it. This removes any frost from its surface and starts the outer edge of the ice melting. You don’t want to use ice internally until it has started to melt and has a thin layer of water on its surface, or the ice may freeze to your skin; you don’t want the “tongue frozen to a cold metal bar” effect, particularly in parts of your body more sensitive than your tongue!