Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Rope Handcuffs

For those who love the feeling of rope on their skin rather than the metal cuffs, these pictures show 2 very easy ways of putting yourself in restraint. You can use the same techniques to bound your ankles or your wrists.


This is a very simple way of  making your own rope handcuffs, by simply combining a wrist coil (the wrist coil is simply  a tied loop of rope) with a cinch noose.


place the rope on a table forming 2 loops and then carefully pull from the loop area indicated in the image
introduce your hands through the new formed loops and use the remaining end to tighten the bondage ; you can pull using your teeth)



  1. Simply amazing idea

  2. so easy and useful :X:X:X:X

  3. mmmmm I want to be tied up very tight and helpless Mistress