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Camilla ASHTRAY WHORE, just paid to receive my full ashtray contents. As soon as he gets it he will kneel before me on cam and eat everything, slowly, on my instructions. 

(her pic is not from our session, but a proof she sent to convince me to accept her as my human ashtray; more pics from our sessions soon*)


Homo Vince's punishment for writing "Mistress" with small m : I'm sorry Mistress x100 times.
    Any more bitches who don't yet know Mistress writes with CAPITAL M? You should be ashamed of yourselves!

The winner of pin  dicks contest, SMALLEST DICK EVER (can't realy call that thing a dick, more like a fake imitation; I'm gonna chose to name it clit/thingie) !
Stuart Robertson, 34yo, living with his mother, a virgin ! - I predict he is going to die a virgin, because at this size it is impossible for him to technically be able to slide his cock inside... anything, basically; ever :)))
Be my guest people, you can take his gaming pic and make this guy the face of nerdy loser gamers ahahah. He loves Marvel Heroes, and his nickname is Kaedo. Bitch loves being exposed.

Sissy Samantha slut makes it back to the top losers 🥳 Sounding & electro urethral torture.
 I'm making this bitch scream and beg, with a metal rod inserted down her peehole and an elektro pad machine attached to it, then force her to take a huge dildo up her ass unless she wants to be electrocuted again !
Can't stop laughing, I enjoy this too much.

Look at this pathetic imitation of a cock !!!!   
 Special dedication for all of you boys who have an ugly useless clit instead of a real dick  :  CLICK.HERE!  (Short Dick Men Song)
Funny Laughing 

 Shameless Sissy Samantha, dirty slut craving for his man-cunt to be severely abused ; deep throats 26cm long dildo, all of it ! 

My German bitch DIRK, pimped out and forced to be a prostitute and cam whore selling his holes to earn Me money !
Look at him loving to stretch his holes for me  and begging for more and more abuse ! This whore cannot get enough dick !


 10€/blowjob, SATISFACTION guaranteed

Meet sissy Jessica. Tasteful, obedient, sexy housemaid with a perky ass just perfect for punishments ! She's asking for it badly, deeply, roughly, mercilessly!

    Some men work hard at the office to achieve their career goals. Other men work hard at the office to entertain Me 😁
 Look at this pitiful lame excuse of a slave and his fat ass !

Few years went by... let me update you on this whimp's situation now: his wife left for a rich bull with a real dick! (We all saw that comming though, didn't we?) And now his current girlfriend has him cucked and I have him suck cocks for money like the cheap slut he deserves to be. His fresh GRINDER profile:

This pathetic piggy can't help himself begging for more drains ; he can't even get his dick up unless I rape his wallet !! Bonus: forced to drink his cum

VIRGIN Baby Leon, aged 27,  cannot control his weenie in front of girls. I decided he shall be kept in nappies and treated like a baby until he learns to grow up. And guess what ? Baby actually loves his nappies and doing wee-wee and poo-poo inside them, I caught his little weenie getting hard from it ! Can't wait to call over my girlfriends so we can all laugh about this!

German  Sissy boy (sluts always tend to pick out dresses that are too short and show their clit) Contact me and I'll give you his address, he's a cheap fuck and needs the money for silicone implants ! Willing to suck cocks and swallow loads just so he can get a nice pair of boobs... which will only get it him more cocks up his ass, oh the irony...

My personal owned slave starting a new chapter of his submission, as Nina. I have decided it is better for him to live as a sissy fag and I'm training him to be a girl. He pees sitting down all the time now, walks like a girl and crosses legs. Soon his clitty will be locked in a custom made chastity as well. FOREVER ! No sex, no orgasms, no freedom!

William the loser bitch ! His wife has no idea the idiot is in the next room writing things all over  his body for my amusement =)))))

***All exposure on this website is done consensualy, based on mutual desire and a written agreement***


  1. Laying at your feet ,I know my place Mistress Karla your seduction is intoxicating, from the beginning Mistress I knew ours is a special chemistry the way fuel and feed my sissy soul ,inspires my performances to be the best I can be as your toy and entertainment and my reward of seeing your reaction smiles n giggles as you put sami and samantha threw utopia , thank you for the memorable experience Mistress Karla,

  2. Thank you for exposing myself here my Mistress, its a privilege for me as its a privilege to serve you, spoil you and to be your loser paypig.

  3. wow Miss you know how to control our lives I want to be yours

  4. Ms. Karla Sin is such a delicious, wonderful, FLAWLESS human being! I hate that she's so out of reach—but I accept that the only way I can please her is from far, far a weak fool.

    Thank you for even giving me the time of day, Goddess! I owe you everything, and appreciate your even thinking about losers like me!

  5. Alex you're stupid

  6. Thank you so much for your total rinse today Mistress!!!
    Your slave Julia

  7. i'm sure no one's interested in seeing more pics... it was just a little cold that day, mere shrinkage! But thank You for showing me attention... i'll always promise to obey!!


  8. OMG I know that guy Kaedo, ffs :))))))

  9. Mistress karla it's been a while, where are you?? :'(